Adult Opportunities

Weekly Bible Study

"Inspired: Slaying Giants, Walking on Water, and Falling in Love with the Bible Again" by Rachel Held Evans



Tuesdays – 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM


ON CAMPUS - Outside

Wednesdays - 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM or Thursdays - 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM – beginning July 8/9*. (Must sign up to attend these – wear a mask and bring a chair – East side of church by worship center) - *can join the Zoom group and/or receive the video until this date.


Video will be sent to ALL participants on Thursday afternoons.  To sign up send email to:

Sunday Morning Class

"Acts: Catching Up with the Spirit" by Matthew L. Skinner  

You are invited to receive a weekly class lesson provided by Pastor Glenna to view on Sundays or at your leisure. Beginning Sunday, May 31 a new study on the book of Acts will begin.  

Stay In Touch

Mondays  - "Musical Mondays" with Larry Trotter and Mike Stallings leading us in music to lift our spirits.

Tuesdays  - "Luper's Life Hacks" in which Chris Luper will help us find simple ways to find joy in our daily living. 

Wednesdays  - "Wednesdays with Wil" as Wil provides insights into how we can share Christ, serve others, and grow in our Faith. 

Thursdays  (within iConnect) - "Thankful Thursday" videos of inspirational stories from the life of our church

Fridays - In the Loop by Senior Pastor Larry Trotter

Saturdays - Preaching pastor for Sunday delivers a preview of Sunday's message.

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Facebook Live

Tune into Facebook Live on the Concord United page Monday thru Thursday for a time of prayer and praise with our pastors.


MONDAYS   - 9 AM -

Live Prayer Time

with Pastor Glenna



Live Worship

with Pastor Larry



Live Prayer Time

with Pastor Wil

Form A Small Group

Many of you have friends, neighbors or family who you are comfortable being with during this time of physical distancing. If you would like to faciliate your own small study group through Zoom, or in a safe physically distant environment using recommendations for doing so, here is a list of ideas to help get you started:

- REFLECTION ON SUNDAYS GROUP (Make Sunday Worship Last) - Following the Sunday worship services we will post on Facebook (or you can send Glenna an e-mail to receive them) a set of questions that can be thought starters for you to use in discussing the past Sunday's sermon.

- RIGHT NOW MEDIA - Concord UMC has a subscription to this streaming video service which contains a wide variety of studies, documentaries and videos to help facilitate personal or group studies. If you do not already receive this, send Glenna an e-mail and she will send you an invitation to sign in and get started using the videos. As a group you can watch the videos individually and then gather to discuss them.

- BOOK STUDY - Go to and preview all the study materials available (some with streaming videos). Check with Glenna and she will arrange the purchase and then you can stream them to your group through Zoom or another physically safe gathering space.

- DEVOTION SHARING - Three options: (1) Select a devotional book or text and then have an online sharing of it with your small group. (2) Cokesbury has a devotional app called "Connect Faith" to which we have a church subscription. You can log on - share the study together (or view it individually) and then chat with others about what you read and study. (3) Read the online devotions provided by Concord UMC and then discuss your reflections upon them as you gather as a group

- CREATE YOUR OWN IDEA - There are many options for study but you are encouraged to grow together using whatever material works for your small group. Glenna will be happy to resource you by suppling you with books, videos, ideas, training for online materials and fund a monthly Zoom account for your group. What a great time to get creative and the ideas are endless! Ready , Set, Go!!

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New to Concord?

Come Meet the Pastors!

If you have been visiting us in our church or on online and would like to know more about Concord, join us online via Zoom after our morning worship services . One or more members of the pastoral team will be online to speak with you and answer any questions you may have about Concord United. 

To join the meeting, download the Zoom client app on your computer, tablet or mobile device and then on Sunday at the given time, click on the times below for the Zoom link to join.

9:45 AM                 11:00 AM                12:15 PM

BOOMERS 55+ - "We Don't ID!"

If you are entering a new phase in your life, like the nest is finally empty or you are finally approaching retirement, then we have some people in the same boat. We offer times to hang out, have fun, and grow together as our season in life transitions. Check out our Facebook page for up-to-date happenings. 

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